India’s Rosa Park Moment! [Issues and analysis of Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013]

If gender justice and equality of women are ever to break free of the shackles of being a fragile myth, then home has to be, invariably, the starting point – the very battleground with the family as warring general.

The Influence of Caste System in Urban Social Interaction

After the independence, caste system had undergone rapid changes mainly due to the sphere of social interaction, increased due to the development of transport and communication. Urbanization and rural to urban migration develop urban areas as a new hotspot of social interactions of different type of social groups. These interactions develop a new set of social values that forced the old social systems to change and lead to the formation of new forms of discrimination and marginalization. In urban areas the social interactions reduced the intensity of discrimination than the anti-discrimination movements and also the positive discrimination from the state gave opportunity to people of lower caste to become active in social interaction. The reservation in the education field is the one of the best example of that.

War within Psychiatry: an alternative method of healing

This paper is a unique take on mental health. Not only does it talk about a tabooed subject but it also clearly dismisses the strict boundaries between disciplines. It combines science and spirituality which sound as an oxymoron but nevertheless gives a fresh perspective to behavioural sciences. It seeks to revolutionise the discipline of psychiatry itself. It does bring forth the most hush topic in today’s society i.e. mental health and provides a platform to echo about similar notions without fear of judgement. Moreover, it also dares to include traditional forms of healing in an increasingly ‘modernised’ society depending on bio-medicine and technology.

Palestinian-Israel conflict: The first Intifada

Intifada (Uprising, Shaking off) began in the Gaza strip, triggered by a small incident, wherein, an Israeli military tank transport vehicle smash into a line of cars, killing 4 workers, and funeral of whom in Jabalya Refugee camp exploded into mass demonstrations...

India’s Tiffin Service for its Primary School Kids

The essay presents a very good description and critique of the Mid-day-meal program. It identifies several pertinent aspects that are causal to its success and failure in a well-thought out manner. Engagement with the theoretical framework and its inadequacy in explaining all aspects of the program are also highlighted...

Negotiating Patriarchy in Construction of Modern Indian Nation

Status of women in India is no doubt changing, but these changes need not be free from the structure of patriarchy. Even during colonial era there were efforts from the administration as well as reformers to bring a change for the betterment of women’s life...